Now Offering Website Set Up Services

Do you have the dreams or the desire to start your online blog or small virtual assistant business? What’s holding you back? Is it the stress and overwhelm of creating your website? Let me help you with that.

Website Set up Package:

  • An initial consultation of your website.  
  • Can post up to four pages as part of your package, additional pages are an extra fee. 
  • Install plugins. 
  • Create your call to action button.
  • SEO improvements.
  • Proofread your copy that you give me to place on your site.
  • 30-minute zoom training to teach you the backend of WordPress.

I currently offer a website set up of four pages max for virtual assistants and bloggers. More pages can be added for an extra fee. After I complete your website, I also provide you with a 30-minute zoom training of how to work the backend of your site. You can also count on me to consult you for the first 30 days. 

Pricing for this service package starts at $297.00. 

Virtual Assistant Services

If you are still uncomfortable or are too busy to maintain your website I offer a website maintenance package of four hours a week.

Maintenance Package:

  • Website maintenance.
  • Adding new pages. 
  • Customizing your theme.
  • Installing and updating plugins. 
  • Installing your favicon.
  • Ensuring that your website information is current.
  • Making security updates.
  • Repairing broken links.

This service starts at $180 per week. 

If you are uncomfortable or are too busy to post your blogs and run your website, I can offer you a package upgrade that will include the above services with a maximum of six hours a week.

Bundled Maintenance + Management Package: 

  • Moderating blog comments.
  • Replying to comments.
  • SEO improvements.
  • Posting blog posts that you write.
  • Removing unwanted pages and posts.
  • Tracking website stats.

This service package starts at $260 per week.

If you are uncomfortable or if you are too busy to promote your blog on Pinterest, I can offer you a package upgrade that will include the previous two packages at a maximum of ten hours a week.

Bundled Maintenance + Management + Pinterest Management: 

  • Create your Pinterest site. 
  • If you have a Pinterest site, we can convert it to a business site.
  • Create your boards.
  • Create your pins.
  • Post your pins for each of your blog posts to drive traffic.
  • Set up and manage your Tailwind scheduler.

This service package starts at $400 per week.

Separate Content Production Services package:

  • Sourcing photos.
  • Editing photos.
  • Proofreading posts to be published.
  • Editing posts.
  • Scheduling posts for publication.
  • Adding internal links.
  • Adding affiliate links.
  • Improving posts with social share options.

This package can be added to any of the above-bundled packages for an additional $45 per hour. You chose how many hours you want of this service or I can keep track and include it with your weekly invoice. 

Web Hosting

Facebook Ad Management Services

First of all, I discuss and create your ad package based on each client’s individual needs. As a result of your needs, we will go through a question and answer process to discover your pain points. Almost every client has a pain point they are trying to solve. Your pain points are worthy and relevant to helping you build your business. Pricing starts at $1250 per month, and payments can be made to If you would like me to e-mail you an auto payment template, I can do that through Stripe or ClickFunnels. Once I receive payment in full for the upcoming month’s ad management services, onboarding will start. Most of all we will get you headed in the right direction on generating the leads you need. Especially with us working as a team in your business.

As a result, these ads were created to meet your needs most of all. In addition to the ad creation, you will receive your leads in a spreadsheet format and be able to follow up within 15 minutes via phone call. You can also receive SMS text to follow up.  It is a known fact that waiting even an hour to twenty-four hours to follow up with a lead could cause them to go cold due to lack of action. Therefore, let’s not hesitate on those new leads. Moving forward with our service is right for you. To learn more about me feel free to check out my LinkedIn page and Facebook page.

Payments for all services can be made through the invoices received or