Transcription Services

  • Standard turnaround of 48 hours and longer: $3.00 per page.
  • Rush turnaround of 24-47 hours: $4.00 per page. 
  • Expedited turnaround of fewer than 24 hours: $5.00 per page.
  • Non-American Accent: Upcharge of $0.70 per page. 
  • Technical or Expert Witness: Upcharge of $0.90 per page. 

How It Works

Transcription services and how I process your work once received.  When you send me your audio files via e-mail, I will then upload them into Express Scribe. While using Express Scribe I will complete your transcript in Word and send it back to you via e-mail within your requested deadline. 


Invoices for completed work are sent out as jobs are completed, and your payment is due immediately. However, if you are a repeat/established client, we can discuss your preferred payment schedule. 

A late payment fee of $10 will be applied to all late invoices. For each additional month of nonpayment, a $10 late fee will also be added to your balance until paid in full. 

Furthermore, if you have an outstanding invoice for more than 30 days, no new work will be accepted until your past due invoices are paid in full. Payments are accepted through CashApp $WyrdPeggy, or through your invoices using WePay. 

Also, if you are in need of a proofreader, please check out my rates on my proofreading services page. 

Up-to-date pricing.

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