Basic Proofreading Rates & Services

Court Reporters

I take pride in the services I provide.

  • Standard services 49-72 hours: $0.45 per page.
  • Rush services 25-48 hours: $0.60 per page.
  • Expedite 24 hours or less: $0.80 per page.
  • Expert or technical testimony: add $0.10 per page.
  • Inadequately scoped or dirty copy: add $0.10 per page. I will notify you within the first 10 to 20 pages.
  • Weekends: $0.45 per page.
  • Holidays: $0.60 per page.
  • More than 25 lines per page: add $0.05 per page.
  • Work received after 5:00 pm on Friday will be considered received the next business day.

I negotiate agency rates on a case-by-case basis.

Bloggers & Small Businesses

  • Standard 49-72 hours: $0.06
  • Rush 25-48 hours: $0.07
  • Expedite 24 hours or less: $0.08


Finally, invoices for completed work are sent out on Friday afternoons, and your payment is due on a Net 10-Days basis. Payments can be made at Rather than having you worry about submitting payment you can let me know the payment services you prefer, and I can verify which other services I am signed up for. Currently, I use PayPal and could sign up for other payment services based on your needs. Please complete preference sheet below. 

Web Hosting

Facebook Ad Management Services

First of all, I discuss and create your ad package based on each client’s individual needs. As a result of your needs, we will go through a question and answer process to discover your pain points. Almost every client has a pain point they are trying to solve. Your pain points are worthy and relevant to helping you build your business. Pricing starts at $1250 per month, and payments can be made to If you would like me to e-mail you an auto payment template, I can do that through Stripe or ClickFunnels. Once I receive payment in full for the upcoming month’s ad management services, onboarding will start. Most of all we will get you headed in the right direction on generating the leads you need. Especially with us working as a team in your business.

As a result, these ads were created to meet your needs most of all. In addition to the ad creation, you will receive your leads in a spreadsheet format and be able to follow up within 15 minutes via phone call. You can also receive SMS text to follow up.  It is a known fact that waiting even an hour to twenty-four hours to follow up with a lead could cause them to go cold due to lack of action. Therefore, let’s not hesitate on those new leads. Moving forward with our service is right for you. Go to How Its Done to learn more and feel free to check out my LinkedIn page.

*I prefer the above-listed payment options rather than checks or cash.
*Pricing is subject to change Jan 1st of each year. 
*This website also contains affiliate links which may result in me being financially compensated for purchases site visitors make through said links.



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