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Blog post 7, July 4, 2018

My Freelance Travel Journey

Working while traveling and loving it!

Grand Prismatic Spring | Digital Nomad | Working Vacation | Proofreading

Photos taken by Peggy Hefner. Please do not take or reproduce without giving credit.  


Hello everyone. I am happy to say that I have already proofread over 1,000 pages and have gotten paid for all of that work. I was going to say “hard work,” but it really wasn’t. Some of the reading was enjoyable. If you asked me a year ago where would I see myself I would never have imagined owning my own business and writing a blog. I am still struggling with managing the blog portion because I genuinely enjoy the proofreading and get sucked in and forget I have other responsibilities at times. No exaggeration. Since I can work anywhere now then it is time to start thinking of working vacations.  

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Working Vacation

Now that we are mid-way into summer and I am getting all of my clients’ work organized and completed I am getting that vacation itch. You know what I am talking about. When I had my desk job, I used to break out the calendar and check when the kids’ school tracks took a break and verified how many vacation days I had and tried to schedule it all around appointments and other obligations. Now that the kids are grown I only have to check out one school calendar and decide where I want to go. Why? Because now I can take my work with me on vacation. This will be the first time in my life that I get to just take a vacation whenever I want and still get to make money. Now that’s a win-win if I ever heard one.

Some of my top favorite places

We have covered a lot of ground in our RV. We haven’t made it further than the Midwest, but we have gone to some amazingly memorable places. Some places just an hour or two away and other sites we covered on our 14-day road trip. I loved the smell of the Redwood forest in California. It has a damp green smell of ferns and wood chips. We were even able to drive our truck through the “Pine Cabin Tree.” Sadly, we lost that tree on Jan 8, 2017, at 2:00 pm due to a severe winter storm.

Multnomah Falls | Digital Nomads | Proofreading | Working Vacation

Once we left the Redwoods, we took the coast all the way up into Oregon. If you ever make it to Oregon, you have to go to my favorite waterfall. I fell in love with this waterfall when my grandparents took us there when I was seven or eight years old. I even found a Trapper Keeper with the picture of it to carry around for a whole year after that trip. Multnomah Falls is a 620’ waterfall located in the Columbia River Gorge. The parking is extremely tight for RVs. We didn’t take ours up, but we did see some that braved the crowd and the narrow road. The sound of the crashing falls felt so powerful; that it sounded like riding in a car with too much bass at times.

Oh, and of course we stopped to eat at Burgerville USA. We went there while on vacations as a little girl, and of course, I had to introduce my kids to the joint. I have to say it was welcoming to have some familiarly good food on our road trip.

Grand Tetons | Digital Nomad | Working Vacation | Proofreading

There were so many stops and surprises on our road trip that it was hard to see everything. We were lucky enough to get a great camping location at the south gate of Yellowstone. We stayed at the Fireside RV Park (Not an Affillate) in Buffalo Valley off of Hwy 26. The Wi-Fi was pretty fast for a campground. We had a beautiful view of the Grand Tetons at sunset. Our space rent was extremely reasonable with electrical hook-ups. We left the RV at the campsite during the day and drove the truck through the park.

I have to say seeing the Buffalo laying at the side of the road taking a nap was breathtaking. It is one thing to see them off in the distance, but to come across one that is less than six feet away was a complete rush of excitement and appreciation.  If you ever do make it to Yellowstone, you have to stop off at Grand Prismatic Spring. The colors are so crisp and vivid. The spring is one of the most memorable places on our trips.

I think when we plan our next trip it will be Tombstone and The Alamo.


When you start planning your RV, road trip, or vacation do your due diligence. If you intend on working while on vacation it is best to verify if your campsite has Wi-Fi. If they don’t have Wi-Fi ask if they have cell service. I have used my cell phone as a hotspot to get work done at the doctor’s office. So I am more than positive I can do it by a campfire with some Smores. Make sure that you can go above a specific elevation in your RV. (Yosemite limits you.) If you can’t go above a certain elevation you may be missing out on some out-of-the-way wonders, bring a backup car or opt for tent camping. Depending on the size of your RV some National Parks will restrict you from the upper campgrounds because the roads are smaller with ruthless switchbacks that an RV can’t handle.  

When I know we are going on a camping road trip I book our campgrounds six months in advance through the National Parks reservation sites. I bring up a map on my computer figure out how many miles we will be covering in a day and then start verifying if they still have openings. The more popular places sell out extremely fast. Once I have all the sites booked I make an itinerary of check-in times and dates along with check-out times. I also list possible items of interest on our five to seven-hour drive to the next campground. I even listed restaurants that we wanted to try that weren’t in our home state. Girls gotta eat! If you don’t like creating spreadsheets and lists you could get this handy vacation planner

I also created a meal-plan menu. We ate on the RV for most of the trip and only went to three or four restaurants while we were on the road trip. It is very easy to make a spreadsheet listing your three meals a day. You can pre-make sandwiches; you can also pre-make foil wrapped veggies for the grill. The more you prep before your trip the less you have to actually cook on your trip. Our Crock-Pot was used on the days that we did our excursions.  

What Did I Learn?

What will I do differently next time? Well, I was overzealous with the planning and driving. I didn’t realize how much it would really wear us out. My feet swelled up to the size of footballs from sitting so long. I still went on all the excursions because I refused to come all that way and miss out. So instead of getting to the campground and setting up, then doing excursions the next day and leaving the day after; I will have fewer stops and more days at each location. Just to give us time to acclimate to the changing elevations and constant driving.

We had two coolers on this trip and hands down the YETI kept our ice longer than the other cooler. Which means that our contents stayed cold and didn’t spoil.

Would you like me to share meal-plan ideas, show you how to make the itineraries, do you want to know about our RV-go-to equipment?  Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I would be glad to help you with your trip.

Happy freelancing travels,



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