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My Work-at-home Journey

My Review of the 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success online course.

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Hello everyone. I can’t believe how fast a week goes by nowadays. I have been busy this week networking for my proofreading business, being present in the Facebook groups providing helpful answers. Hopefully, it will get me noticed as they say. I am going to share what I learned about being a virtual assistant online.

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Virtual Assistant

You might ask, what is a virtual assistant. It is an easy answer. Do you run your own small business? Is it an online business? Or do you blog and are just starting to gain momentum, but feel that you are being pulled in five different directions, and it is causing your business growth to be little or none? Well then maybe you want to hire someone who can handle the tasks that keep you away from building your business. You can have them control your e-mail inbox. The virtual assistant can create content, act as your social media manager handling all of your posts and pins, design your pin covers. The tasks are endless. 

Now if you don’t need to hire a virtual assistant then maybe you want to have the freedom of working from home, or anywhere for that matter, and become a virtual assistant. I took an online course by Gina Horkey, 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success. She teaches us how to help others in their business. She is open-minded and thinks out of the box.

I was able to apply a lot of her ideas and tips to my proofreading business. I decided afterward that I wanted to go a different direction with my work-at-home business, but I still refer back to her handouts and modules on a daily basis. Gina even compiled a list called 150+ Virtual Assistant Services, to help you in case you are struggling with what services you may want to provide in your business. She also offers courses on how to become a freelance writer and 200+ Writing Niches.


When I saw the other post for proofreading in 2013 and just saved the pin I wasn’t succeeding. Now that I have finally taken action I feel like I am accomplishing my dreams every day. It is all about mindset. Mindset is a thing that can hold you back or help you succeed. Believe in you even when family and friends don’t. Then when you are succeeding, you are the winner you always knew you could be.



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Peggy Wyrd

Peggy Wyrd was born and raised in Southern California. She is married, mother to two adult children, and has three dogs. She started her work-from-home journey on July of 2017.


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