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My Work-From-Home Journey

I Am Thinking About Scoping.

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Hello everyone. I am so excited. Why? Because I am thinking about adding scoping to the services I offer. I have been doing exceptionally well in my proofreading business, and I am still learning how to manage my time and workflow. Some days are better than others. I am also making so many new connections online that they genuinely feel like friends. If you don’t have time to read this post, please feel free to save it to your Pinterest board by using the icon below and read it later.

What is Scoping?

Scoping is known as editing transcripts for court reporters. You may ask; don’t you do that now? No. Currently, I proofread the transcripts after it comes from the scopist. The court reporter generates the transcript in Computer-Aided Transcription software which translates the steno language on the transcript into English. The scopist has to be able to read the phonetic shorthand and have knowledge of the Computer-Aided Transcription software. Corrections of homophones are essential in the transcript. Here and hear don’t mean the same thing and can change the meaning of a sentence. A scopist also fills in missing words by listening to the audio recording of the hearing or proceeding. Court reporters can type up to 225 words per minute with very high accuracy.  However, they are human and might miss a word here or there.

Why Is It Piquing My Interest?

As much as I love proofreading I have some court reporters that don’t send their work to a scopist. They tend to skip the middleman to save a couple of bucks. That results in me doing what is called “scoffing,” this is proofing and scoping. I haven’t turned away any of my scoffing jobs because I love what I do. But because of that, it has given me the desire to add more skills to my plate and to offer both services. I could be a one-stop shop. The more people I can help the better.

How Long Does It Take?

I researched a couple of schools online and found a self-paced one that I could finish within six months online. I love the convenience of online classes. The best part is that I can still proofread for my regular clients while doing my online modules to learn the software.

Do I Need A Degree?

No, you don’t need a degree. This is another legit online way to make money from home without a degree. The average cost of a four-year degree can run you anywhere from $18,400 to $51,800 just for tuition. It is more expensive if you want to go to an out of state school and don’t forget books, supplies, housing, and food.

What Is The Cost?

Down to the more relevant part of the post. I found a course that is $2500 and has payment plans. If you sign up through them, they will also honor a discount on the software of $1495. The charge for the software is separate from the tuition and can be purchased later in the course. The school I am looking into offers the first seven days for free so that I can test the waters. I wouldn’t want to get in over my head before I spent all that money.

Do Your Due Diligence

Before you run out and sign up for any online course, do your research and find out which one is right for you. I have decided that this is my next step in expanding my work-at-home business. Am I going to run up my credit cards and go all in right now? No, I am going to keep proofreading and set aside a little money each month until I have it paid-in-full and it won’t put us in a financial bind. Heck, I even used recycling money to pay for my proofreading class. I have patience, and it will all happen when it is supposed to.

Work From Anywhere

This is another job that I can travel and work. As long as I have a computer and Internet access, I am good to go.

Until Next Time

My work-at-home world just keeps expanding, and I am so excited to share ideas with you on how to make money from home. I don’t share any MLMs, Multi-Level Marketing, or get rich quick schemes. The items I sell on my website I use for my funnels in my Facebook ads and promoting my blog or I have personally taken the course. It takes hard work to build a business, and if you aren’t willing to put in the work, then you will be wasting your money.


Is there anything that you would like me to cover? Questions that you would like answered? Or maybe you want me to write about a specific topic. Feel free to post a comment or send me a private message on my homepage. I will respond to all.

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Peggy Wyrd

Peggy Wyrd was born and raised in Southern California. She is married, mother to two adult children, and has three dogs. She started her work-from-home journey on July of 2017.


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