30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success

This is an online course that can help you decide what to do from home. If you already have a job it could be a good side hustle. Or just give you another income flow.


30 DOL to Virtual Assistant Success

The 30 DOL online course was one of those shiny objects that I totally fell for. I have to say it was worth every penny. Gina has been helping others learn the basics of starting an at home business. You are probably thinking that you have no clue on what you could possibly do from home. Don’t worry she has compiled a list of over 150 different jobs that you can do from home or almost anywhere. You can take 30 days to finish the course, or you can finish in a week if you are one of those focused go-getters. A lot of the information within her course was so informative. I was able to apply it to my proofreading business. She has a little something for everybody. Why don’t you see what she has for you?


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