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My Freelance Travel Journey

More Great Vacation Locations!

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Hello everyone. I can’t believe how fast summer is passing us by. School registration is only a week or two away. I have to get started on our school shopping and start thinking about my daughter’s senior year. I always put it off until a week or two before school starts. This was a habit my mom created. I wouldn’t want my kids to grow out of their clothes before they even had a chance to wear them. I know that she, as a senior, doesn’t grow much anymore. However, old habits die hard. Once all that is done, and she is settled in her classes, I will be able to get back to focusing on my business and planning our future trips.

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Local Getaways

At times we are so busy and stressed out from work, even if it is from home, we forget to take time off for ourselves. Face it, as much as we would love to take a 14-day vacation every three months; it’s almost impossible because of kids being in school or spouses still working a regular 9-to-5 job. That’s when the close by campsites help recharge us and remind us why we keep doing what we do at the daily grind.

My all-time favorite local spot for Halloween camping is Calico Ghost Town in Yermo, California. They have haunted mazes, shows, and trick or treating for the kids. They also have a Monster Mash dance with a live band for the teenagers and adults. Camping accommodations include tent camping, RV camping with full and partial hookups, and if you aren’t the camping type, they have cabins. We opted for a full-hookup spot; that’s what it was just a parking spot. They didn’t have any tables, but we did have our own chairs. That was the only negative I found about the location. All the other activities and special events are what made it worth it. Calico is relatively inexpensive, and we love that also. Don’t forget your S’mores caddy.

Wednesday & Old Time Banker 

Our Spot

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A Little Bit Further

Since Las Vegas is so close to us, we head out to their RV parks for the weekends. Their campsites are just a little bit more than Calico, but way cheaper than getting a room, between $30 and $50 at times.  Going to the RV parks leaves us more money for museums and shows. Our two favorite spots for Las Vegas believe it or not is Circus Circus and Las Vegas RV Resorts on S Nellis Blvd. We like them both for entirely different reasons. Circus Circus is really just a parking spot with hookups. The benefit of it is being right on the Strip. We can easily walk anywhere or take a taxi, Uber or Lyft. We sit at the top of their parking structure to watch the fireworks for New Year’s Eve because actually being on the Strip is chaos.

The Las Vegas RV Resort is one of the cleanest we have been to. They are even dog-friendly with their own dog park. Big win for us. It was a super quiet resort, and I loved the fact that security patrols the grounds even at night.  I found the only downside was that we were a bit further from the Strip. So we had to actually think and plan our outings based on that. The only negative I found with this facility was there are no kids allowed. But then again maybe that is what made it so peaceful. It was an 18 and over resort. Neither of our kids met that age requirement, but we weren’t really there enough for anyone to notice them.

Remember to Unplug

Even though you are working on your vacations and all of these facilities have Wi-Fi to accommodate that lifestyle, please remember to unplug and be with your family during family time. You can always check your social media and email while you are working. I get a lot of proofreading done in the early morning and late evenings so that my days are free for the family. 

Would you like to know about our other travels? Tell me about your favorite trips. Do you have any camping hacks you would like me to share or that you would like to share? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a private message. I would be glad to help you with your trip.

Happy freelancing travels,


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