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My Work-From-Home Journey

The 5 Ways I Get Freelancing Work!

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Hello everyone. I am so looking forward to winter break. Yes, school just started, but I love that winter breaks from school bring on the winter holidays. Big sweaters and hot chocolate. Now that I have been freelancing for a bit, I can tell you my five ways that I get freelance work. This helps supplement my income until I build up my proofreading clientele. If you don’t have time to read this post feel free to save it to your Pinterest board and read later.

The 5 Ways I Get Freelancing Work!

If you don’t already know, I am a proofreader for court reporters, bloggers, and small businesses. I also provide some virtual assistance work doing various tasks for other like-minded entrepreneurs. On some occasions, I need to think out of the box to get clientele.

  • Networking
  • Facebook Groups
  • Agencies
  • Upwork
  • LinkedIn

These aren’t listed in any particular order. One hasn’t been any better or worse than another.

How and Where Do I Network?

I network everywhere. Last month I even pitched to the emergency plumber that came to our house. You never know when someone can use Facebook advertising. I didn’t make a sale, but I put myself out there. I even gave him some tips that his wife could do to help their campaign. Always provide value even if you don’t get a sale. They will remember that and come back to you if they can’t figure it out. That was scary enough. But I was proud that I tried. The old me wouldn’t have even bothered. Where else do I network? I signed up with my local chamber of commerce and go to their networking mixers. This helps get my name out to my local community and lets others know about the services I offer. I even posted my services on the Nextdoor app. Yes, the Nextdoor app because you never know who may need your service.

What Facebook Groups Do I Join?

The first thing I do is search for groups within the niches that I can provide valuable information to. Then once they allow me to join I start answering questions, participating, and providing useful information. This will give them the opportunity to start recognizing you as a familiar face with answers then they could seek you out as someone who can provide them with a service. Better yet, the admin or group moderators may tell the primary person in the group about you, and you could be hired as a moderator. I have seen it happen. Don’t start stalking and sending cold-pitch emails. It will get you kicked out of a group. Don’t be spammy.

Which Agencies Do I Go To?

Me personally, I sent out care packages to court reporting agencies. Find agencies in your desired niche and connect with them. Find out what they need, do your research. You can also do searches on job boards. Do your due diligence with the job boards. There may be scammers looking to prey on people that desire to work from home.  

What is Upwork?

I recently signed up with Upwork as a freelancer. This is a place where people come to hire people for one-time jobs, short-term jobs, and possible long-term jobs. It’s almost like any other job board except that you bid on how much you would charge the person who posted a job that needs to be done.  Another way to boost your profile is by providing great work and scoring high on tests for individual skills. They have over 300 tests. If you score low, don’t worry you can hide that from your stats and retake the test in 90 days or so. One important piece of advice is to only work with income verified people. Also, don’t pay anyone if you are the one providing the service.

Finally, LinkedIn

I personally like LinkedIn. It is another social media platform, but for professionals. When contacting someone on LinkedIn, it is proper etiquette to not go for a sales pitch right out of the gate. If they accept your connection request, the polite thing to do would be to send them a welcome and thank you email. Let them know that if they need anything you are there to help. Once you have a virtual relationship established, then you can pitch them a sale.

One mistake I made on LinkedIn was I paid for my monthly service and was sending InMail requests. Which we have a limited number of each month. If you are within two or three degrees of them. Meaning that you share a mutual friend or friend of a friend send them a connect request with a personalized message. This will allow you to save your InMail requests for people you want to connect with that are not within two or three degrees of you.  

Freelancing Goals

I hope that I helped you find more places to meet your freelancing goals. My goals are slowly coming together. If you have any questions that you want to be answered feel free to post in the comments below. I would love to know what your struggles and wins are within your work-from-home business. You can even send me a private message on the form submission on my website’s home page.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I will respond to all emails and comments.

Take care,


This week’s book suggestion is Profit First Transform Your Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine by Mike Michalowicz.


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Peggy Wyrd was born and raised in Southern California. She is married, mother to two adult children, and has three dogs. She started her work-from-home journey on July of 2017.


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