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My Work-From-Home Journey

15 Work-From-Home Ideas!

Proofreader, blogger, Transcriptionist, Virtual Assistant, Voice-over actor, audiobook narrator, bookkeeper,


Hello everyone. Someone emailed me last week stating that they could never start their own business because they had no clue what they could provide or even offer someone else. So here is my list of 15 work-from-home ideas that you could provide in your business. If you don’t have the time to read this post feel free to save it to your Pinterest board and read later.

List of 15 Work-From-Home ideas

  1. Proofreading
  2. Transcriptionist
  3. Bookkeeper
  4. Voice-over Actor
  5. Audiobook Narrator
  6. Photographer
  7. Web Designer
  8. Virtual Assistant
  9. Facebook Ads
  10. Surveys
  11. Etsy Shop
  12. Shopify Shop
  13. Data Entry Jobs
  14. Amazon Customer Service/Data Entry
  15. Mystery Shopper

Proofread From Home

Once you master the skills of proofreading, you can work from home or anywhere else for that matter. This is what I do as my primary income flow.


This is another job that you can have the freedom of working from home. I have known medical transcriptionist and most recently met some legal transcriptionist.


If you are more of a numbers person, there are online classes that can teach you how to start your own bookkeeping business and run it from home. This saves so much in overhead.

Voice-Over Actor

Have you ever been told you have a good voice? Maybe you could be a voice-over actor. Sometimes they let you work out of your own studio and submit your clips.

Audiobook Narrator

This is another remote job that is great for introverts. Audition for potential jobs, then work out of your studio from the comfort of your own home. Must like to read books.


Whether you are new to photography or a pro, you have the option to work out of a studio or freelance. If you are new and trying to generate income from your photos, then you may want to consider selling them to some stock photo sites. You can earn anywhere from 20% to 60% royalty for each photo.

Web Designer

Did you set up your own website? Maybe you can help other small businesses set their sites up or redesign them.

Virtual Assistant

Now with the powers of the Internet, you can be someone’s right-hand man or woman from the comforts of your own home. You can handle client onboarding, customer service, invoicing, content creation, social media management. The list is endless. Check out my blog for the 30 Days or Less to Virtual Assistant Success Review.

Facebook Ads

You can promote your business or another business online by learning how to provide and create Facebook ads. Learn to write copy and create clickable images that give your clients an ROI. Return on their investment. They have online classes for that also. I took one, and I loved it. I am still a member of their paid group to keep my knowledge sharp and to ask for help whenever I need it.

Surveys, Really?

I have been doing surveys for a short period of time. Some of them pay really well. Some of them pay you $.25 once they find out that you don’t meet the requirements they were looking for in a survey taker. I found one survey site that pays you in Amazon gift cards. It’s not the best case scenario, but I will take it.

Etsy Shop

Are you a creative? You can sell your created goods on Etsy. Think of it as Amazon for the homemade goods. I am far from creative in my opinion.

Shopify Shop

If you want to open an e-commerce page and sell items on Shopify, this is also an option. If you currently don’t have any products to sell that is okay. You can choose products from Oberlo and have them drop shipped to your customers.

Data Entry

I have found a couple of freelance data entry jobs on Upwork. Upwork is a great place to bid for jobs. You can work as little or as much as you want. Considering you win the bids.

Amazon Customer Service/Data Entry

Amazon has announced that they now have remote positions available within their company.

Mystery Shopper 

You may be asking is being a mystery shopper legit? Yes, it is. This is a way that market research companies, watchdog companies, or the owner of the company themselves measure the quality of the shopper’s service and experience on their trip. They write a report and answer specific questions like, were they in compliance? Did they provide reasonable customer service? They will even gather specific information about products being offered.

I Hope this List gives you motivation

These 15 ideas can be used to start a business, or they can be used to start a side hustle. However, you decide to use the list and take advantage of the skills you already have you can become a successful entrepreneur with a little hard work. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to know what else you would like to talk about. You could even send a question on the submission form on my website homepage.

I look forward to hearing from you, and I will respond to all emails and comments.

Take care,



This week’s book suggestion is Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.


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Peggy Wyrd was born and raised in Southern California. She is married, mother to two adult children, and has three dogs. She started her work-from-home journey on July of 2017.


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